The AmazonBasics Big and Tall Office Chair

The AmazonBasics big and tall office chair is an ergonomic office chair that looks modern and sits comfortably for a reasonable price. costing around two hundred bucks.  It is not an expensive chair if you compare it to some other models in its category. So if you are looking for a proper big and tall office chair but you are on a budget, this model is definitely worth considering.

Big and Tall Office Chair

We decided to set things aside (like big brand names) and review the Amazon big and tall office chair on several different aspects.

A Luxurious Chair at a Fair Price

Amazon has, in the past few years, made some serious efforts to provide its customers with products that approach the quality of specialised brands but are priced far below them. This is also the case with the amazon basics big and tall office chair. Its quite a luxurious chair that fits in with most office like interiors (both modern and traditional). This makes the chair a perfect choice for those who want to avoid spending a fortune on their new office equipment but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or looks. Let’s review some positive and negative sides of the chair to help you make a decision.

The Numbers

First, some general points to mention before we start with the judging process. As you can see in the picture, the chair has a very simple and traditional design which doesn’t draw much attention. It isn’t an innovative model that has changed the way people look at office chairs and it doesn’t look like a chair from one of the Star Trek movies. Whether that is a good thing is for you to decide. The amazon big and tall office chair is an average office chair that takes care of your posture but won’t give you a massage.  It won’t get stares because it looks like a traditional office chair.  Following is some of the basic information of the chair:

  • Seat depth: 22″
  • Seat width: 21″
  • Seat height adjustment range: 18.75″ – 22.25″
  • Maximum recline angle: 135 degrees
  • Full round swivel
  • Weight support up to 500 pounds
  • Dimensions chair: 27.25″x29.5″x47″

Weight Support

It is reasonable for us to say that the weight-support question varies by who you ask. Amazon says it supports 500 pounds while other sources suggest it is rather close to 350 pounds. This is quite a difference and while we don’t want to say too much about it, we suggest you take this into consideration if you are looking for a truly heavy bearing office chair.

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Adjustability & Recline

The adjustability is a bit of a surprise with this relatively low priced office chair. As you can see in the stats, seat height ranges from 18.75″ to 22.25″ which is a quite impressive range for the price it accompanies. This together with the 135 recline angle, makes this chair a pretty impressive model. A big bummer are those office chairs that advertise with a proper recline that in reality only slightly rock back and forth. With this chair, you are sure to get what it promises, a proper recline that lets you hang back in your chair like a villain with a cat. So, if you like hanging back in your chair after a long day of work or a tough meeting? This chair will satisfy your needs.


As you can expect with this price range, the comfort is not perfect. There are multiple brands out there these days that produce very high-quality comfortable chairs. And although the chair is definitely comfortable and even sits quite nice, if it is pure comfort that you are looking for, it might be wise to consider others but at a much higher price. But do not be afraid, the big and tall office chair fares well compared to conventional office chairs. It sits well above average. And, when talking about office chairs, we usually don’t want them too comfortable. we want them to be comfortable but not ‘sleep-able’. No work would be done if your chair was too comfortable. And most importantly, it cares about your posture. But we will add on that later in the Lumbar support section


Conventional block foam, single-stitched bonded leather, perforated seatback. This combination of material and quality is obvious. Amazon wanted to make a professional-looking chair that sits well but cut costs.  The long-term durability of the chair might suffer as a result. Bonded leather is a little weaker than normal leather and this will begin to show signs of wear and tear after about two years of regular use. This is very common among office chairs and generally, only the very expensive models have made serious efforts to prevent long term damage due to use. So if you plan to use this chair very intensely on a daily basis, don’t expect it to last for decades. The block foam is enough to make the chair comfortable but isn’t present abundantly. If you are close to the chair’s maximum allowance, after a while you may start to feel the block foam giving in and make way for a less pleasant sitting experience.


One of the most common complaints about office chairs is the sweatiness after a long day of sitting. This is an especially well-known problem among leather chairs as leather does not breath. Amazon has attempted and at least partly succeeded in solving this problem by perforating the seatback. This allows for better air circulation and will prevent the temperature from building. This perforation will hold off heat for a reasonable period of time but will fall short when you sit for too long.

Lumbar Support

A very big edge that this chair has over many of its competitors in the same price range is the lumbar support. This is not a common feature among office chairs while it can make a chair a lot more comfortable. Usually, when a chair has lumbar support, it compromises the ergonomic support of the chair. This chair has an adjustable lumbar support setting, which is a real game-changer in creating the optimal sitting-posture. So if you are having trouble with your back or really want to avoid it, this chair will not let you down.

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Get Your Screwdriver and Perhaps a Friend

The chair is sent in a big box weighing 72 pounds. When you open the box, don’t be disappointed you can’t sit on it straight away – Some assembly is required. How long will that take you? Well, that completely depends on your level of skill at that sort of thing. It will take a handyman a mere 10 minutes and it will take most people about half an hour so we are sure you will find your way. If not, Amazon is very good at providing information on the how and whats (videos included).


The amazon big and tall office chair is a proper chair. It sits comfortably enough for an average office day and looks good in almost every interior. It has okay weight support that fits the needs of most people. The adjustability is surprisingly good and lives up past its expectations. It has reasonable breathability which will at least partly prevent the sweatiness of a leather chair. The lumbar support is excellent and, due to its adjustability, works well together with the ergonomic features of the rest of the chair. It requires some assembly but this won’t take too long and helpful instructions are provided on the Amazon website. Generally a good chair for a more than reasonable price.


  1. Good looking
  2. Excellent adjustability
  3. Adjustable lumbar support
  4. Ergonomic features


  1. A bit shorter lifespan than normal leather
  2. Single stitched & Bonded leather

Final Verdict

The AmazonBasics Big and Tall office chair will be a great choice for most people looking for a larger chair.  One extra thing to keep in mind is that Amazon is known for its excellent customer support and service which is something that you would be investing in.  There are some points that could be improved but the chair is definitely worth what you pay for it, if not more. We believe this chair deserves a serious place in the discussion about which chair to put in an office if only for the great quality for price ratio.

Thanks for reading our review. We hope we helped you with making a decision and we would love to hear what you think in the comment section. Be sure to check out our other content for more useful reviews and lots more. Our website offers lists of the best office chairs to help you choose in an ever-growing supply of chairs , Reviews of different models so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you order a chair, Tips for choosing and using office chairs most effectively and guides to reduce lower back pain and recommend additional tools to help you.


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