KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair

KADIRYA office chairIf you are looking for a chair that blends breathability with comfort, the KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair may be a good choice. Its unique PU leather and mesh combination really made us take a look at what this chair offered. It has a 3.9 (out of 5) rating on Amazon and is about $100. Coming in two versions (a high back and an even higher back), it really is a unique chair. Currently, it only comes in one color (black). If you buy the chair online, you shouldn’t have to worry about assembly as most people reported that it was fairly easy to put together.  Check the current price on Amazon as there are sometimes some pretty good sales there. You’ll also be able to check out the over 200 reviews that the chair has accumulated.

Quality of Materials / Sturdiness

Users are quick to note if an item has cheap components and that is not the case here. The chair meets all ANSI/BIFMA standards, providing a third party testament to its quality. A few purchasers commented on it being a bit lighter than you would expect for a chair of this size. That was mostly viewed as a positive.

As noted the chair is a unique blend of PU leather and mesh. The mesh is used on the back of the chair and parts of the seat. This provides breathability and was generally viewed as a positive by purchasers. The headrest and sides are PU leather as well as the outer sides of the seat.  PU leather is used throughout the chair.  This is a cheaper alternative to real leather and enables the chair to sell at a reasonable price.  PU leather does have its drawbacks however.  It is not as tough of a fabric and does not have the long life that authentic leather has.  The price however makes PU leather quiet popular in chairs that sell below $200. See our top reviews for other ergonomic chairs.

Lumbar Support

The verdict on lumbar support was a bit mixed. As noted earlier, the chair has a primarily mesh back but this includes a padded leather area for lumbar support. The lumbar support is firm and really a plus for this chair. Most purchasers really liked the firmness of this padded area. One customer did return the chair noting that the lumbar area was a bit too firm for them.  Some also complained that the lumbar position wasn’t ideal for someone who might be very tall.  But more often than not, people found the lumbar support offered was good.


The KADIRYA chair has a fairly high amount of adjustability. The arm rests are adjustable as well as chair height. Having adjustable armrests is a pretty nice feature.  Pneumatic controls make adjustment of the chair height easy. A tilt / tension knob under the chair allows you to control the tension and rate for reclining the chair.  You can control how far you recline as well as the pressure required.  And you can lock the position so that you only recline as far as you want.  The taller of the two chairs offers a removable headrest. The heights are 42-45″ for the smaller chair and 46-49″ for the taller chair.


Most purchasers were impressed with the comfort of the chair especially the seat. A few noted that the seat was a bit firmer than they had imagined. But overall, comfort was seen as being great. The arms were noted as being not padded and this provided a problem for some users. The back was viewed as being quite comfortable with some people really liking the breathability offered by the mostly mesh design of the back. The back also has a slight S-curve to better match the spine.  The spine has what is called a “lordotic curve”, resembling an inward S shape.  By mimicking this curve, the chair reportedly eases stress providing additional support.   We thought this feature was a big plus for its ability to theoretically relieving stress on the spine.  The chair also has 360 degree swivel making it easier to reach around and continue that conversation with your peers.


The look of the chair is modern, sleek and high-end.  Of course, visual appearance is a very subjective subject.  But the chair’s minimalist design fits a lot of modern office decors.  Rather than a thick – substantial look, it looks instead to be a piece of furniture that minimizes its presence by an unusually thin back. The same can be said for the arms.  The “S” curved shape of the back also adds to its modern appearance.

Ease of Assembly

Most users reported that the chair is relatively easy to put together, taking around a half hour.  It has only about 10-12 screws (but be careful some of the screws may be taped under the seat cushion).  It comes with the hex wrench needed for assembly.   The wheels simply pop into the base.  So ease of assembly is a bonus for this particular chair.


There are a lot of very good things to say about this chair from KADIRYA.  Certainly, its PU leather and mesh combination will create interest from everyone seeing it.  If you sweat a lot or really prefer the coolness mesh affords, you really should consider this chair.  There were no major weaknesses that we could find and its 3.9 rating from over 190 purchasers makes this a solid choice. Its relatively light weight for its size makes it easier to maneuver. Its appearance is unique with a modern flair.  Ratings for comfort were high and there were no issues with durability.  Overall, we think this would be a good choice. Check out the latest reviews now!





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