Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Sitting on a Gaiam balance ball chair in the office may seem like a ridiculous idea that many bosses would not be willing to entertain.  It would not matter if you argued that it could help resolve the back pains that you suffer with, or that the ball could help you do a mild workout while at the office, or that you could be helping your body posture. They probably would not appreciate the many benefits that come with sitting on a ball. But what if the ball was a color that was not pronounced and can be able to blend well with other furniture in the office, what if it was well structured so that it didn’t stand out too much?

And if the seat would result in reduced days off work?

Do you think your boss would be willing to consider the seat with a ball in the office? An average employee will spend seven to ten hours seated while they work in the office. When you use the Gaiam classic ergonomic balance ball chair when working in the office you are doing a core strengthening workout that allows you to strengthen your core. So if you are looking to get a six pack so you can take your shirt off when your out with your friends, then you should start using this seat in the office. It also provides the user with ergonomic back support – people who have back pains can use this seat as it gives you the support that you need to rectify your spinal cord thus resulting in less pain and increased comfort for you while you go about your business in the office.

The Gaiam classic ergonomic balance ball chair has a very modern and sleek design that provides the user with ergonomic back support and comfort simultaneously. The exercise ball aligns the spine which helps to resolve any bac concerns that the user may have It also allows you to be able to sit for long hours in the office without experiencing any back problems. Because it does not have a very long back support that increases the users focus, energy and concentrations while they work. Some individuals lose focus easily when they are working when using this seat that would not be a common occurrence as it increases an individual’s attentiveness in the office.

This seat features a fifty-two-centimeter anti-burst balance ball that means that you can comfortably work in the office without worrying that your exercise ball could burst. The chair comes with an air pump that allows you to add pressure to the ball in the event that it begins to deflate which is a common occurrence after the seat has been used for some time. You are seating on this exercise ball on a daily basis so you the pressure that you exert on the ball on a daily basis will cause the ball to deflate and now that the chair comes with a pump then it does not take you more than five minutes to resolve this issue. The seat has a lockable caster that is easy to glide wheels the lockable caster wheels allow the easy to be kept in a place which ensures that the user does not fall while using the seat in the office.  Check price.

Features of the Gaiam Classic Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair

1. Modern Design

This seat has a very modern design that allows the user to seat comfortably without risk of falling off the chair. There are people that actually sit on the exercise ball without a base and they risk falling as the ball can roll over under you. If the office floor where you are working has a very smooth surface then you may find that setting directly on the ball would give you all the other benefits than stability and safety. if you are opting to use the seat for back pains then using the ball without a base would increase the risk for you to fall which would result in your back developing more issues that could hurt the body.

2. Boosts energy levels

The seat helps the user to be able to boost the user’s energy. Using the seat while working in the office gives the user an increased boost of energy. Seating on the exercise ball increases the flow of blood in the body. That means that the user is able to function better when working in the office. The posture of the seat also means that you are not able to lose attention when working thus allowing to work better and increase your output in the office.

3. Improves Posture

This exercise ball has been shown to improve the user’s posture. When you sit on a chair that does not have a good spot then your back tends to follow the seated posture. If the seat slurs then you will find that the user’s back will also lurk and in the end, you find that the user will develop very serious issues with their back. The fact that this seat’s back support is quite low means that the user has to sit in the recommended posture. Your body has to hold itself up when you are using this seat.

4. Chair Includes

The chair comes with a black exercise ball that measures fifty-two centimeter when stretched to the limit. It also comes with an air pump that makes inflating the ball a one minute task. You will use it every so often to fill the ball with air so that you can continue using it as your seat. The seat also comes with a five easy glide lockable casters that are supposed to make the seat safer and more secure. It also comes with an exercise guide that you can install on your computer. The guide shows you multiple stretching and strengthening exercises that you can do while using the chair. The seat is suited for average height and rather tall individuals. It can be used on most standard desks without any adjustments being required.  It can handle a maximum of three hundred pounds.

5. How to Inflate the ball

It is very important to inflate the ball again after the initial inflation. What you should do is allow the material of the ball to stretch to its full limit.  The ball should be fifty-two centimeters when fully stretched. After purchase you should inflate the ball with air, you should let the air remain in the ball for a minimum of twenty-four hours. You should then deflate about fifty percent of the air and then finally fill the ball with air again until the ball gets to its full limit which is fifty-two centimeters.

What It’s like to use the ball in the office all day

The very first time you use the seat at work your back will probably be very straight at your desk, you will likely feel very uncomfortable. The experience is very foreign for any person who is used to sitting on a hard or firm chair.

As much as the experience is foreign, it is also very enjoyable sitting on this seat.  You will derive great pleasure from sitting on this seat for the first time. An hour after sitting on the ball you will experience some pain in your butt that will make you wish you had your regular seat back. You will then feel very uncomfortable when you get back to your old seat, it will very hard and unaccommodating to set on it. A week or so later after you start sitting on this seat you will start adjusting to the new seat and you will find that you are able to do more hours seated on the set. You will find that you can now spend most of the day on the chair but you may have to take breaks often.

Advantages of Using the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

1. This seat allows you to be able to bounce on it which can be fun especially during the first week you get the chair.  It makes the seat plenty of fun. It can also be used as a stress reliever when you have had a very difficult day at work all you need o do to take out some of your frustrations is bounce on the ball a number of times. It generally helps to keep the user relaxed and less strained at work. Though to an onlooker, it may not seem as professional to be bouncing on your seat while you work. But the benefits of bouncing on the chair are tremendous to the user.

2. Bouncing on the ball may help your thinking process. you may find that you are able to think faster and more clearly when you are bouncing on the chair. the more you bounce the more you think. Employers should consider replacing all hard office chairs with this chair as employees would be able to do their thinking process better if they had a seat that could bounce.

3. The seat allows you to stretch while still seated on your chair. On a normal chair in order to stretch out, you would probably have to go for a walk to stretch properly or at least stand-up. With this seat, all you have to do to stretch is lean backward and sideways in your seat. Being able to stretch while working would allow you to be more productive in the work environment as you would be relaxed while you work. Stretching also helps to make you feel refreshed. usually, after you stretch you feel reenergized to continue working. It gives you a small break that allows you to relax your body and mind and thus allow you to continue doing your job.

4. The seat allows you to exercise while you work. You do not have to move from your desk to get your workout in. The seat comes with a guide that shows you how to exercise your core while you work. For people who work long hours on their desk like accountants or people who work in the IT department, this seat would do them a lot of good as they would be able to put in some exercise while continuing to work which is beneficial.

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Disadvantages of Using the Gaiam Classic Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair

1. The seat does not have a capacity to be adjusted. you can not adjust the height of the seat to suit your needs You may find that the sit is too highly set or it is set very low for your comfortable use in the office. A user may be forced to adjust the entire desk and chair to be able to work comfortably using this seat. Sometimes this can prove to be very difficult to do.

2. The seat does not allow you to sit back in your chair and just relax. Because it does not have a back support you cannot seat back in the chair. You have to be in position at all times. Although one can slouch while they sit on this chair. you cannot fully relax while seated on this chair. It requires effort for you to maintain a good posture in this chair which sometimes can be very exhausting for the user.

3. You may find that if you bounce too much you may develop a headache as a result. The first time you bounce on the ball you may want to keep bouncing on it all day. Just keep going and going but eventually, you will have a headache. That would not be an outcome you would be working towards. Bottom Line This seat does not completely heal any back issues that the user may have. It is, however, are fun and very comfortable seat to use when working.


The seat is best suited for people who work long hours seated on their desk, it is also very suited for people who work from home as the seat allows you to take small breaks stretching on your exercise ball chair. It also allows the user to get some exercise in which is very important for anyone who sets for long hours. It can be used to relieve stress as you can bounce on the chair to take out some frustrations that you may have. The seat is suited for use in an environment where using the seat may not create a negative impact.

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