Ficmax Office Gaming Chair

Sometimes you may get the feeling that traditional chairs were some type of ancient torture devices.   They can be hard and incredibly uncomfortable, which makes them far from ideal to be used for extended periods of time. A lot of chairs tout their supposed ergonomic qualities, yet so many are utterly disappointing.  Most of the ergonomic chairs that I have previously used have been either poorly designed, made with shoddy materials, or overly expensive. Fortunately, that is not the case with the leather Ficmax Ergonomic Chair.

Enter the Ficmax Affordable Ergonomic Chair

Whether gaming or doing work, I absolutely love this chair. It is designed to conform to me and my needs, whatever they may happen to be. I have a bad back for years and I spend many hours at a time seated for my job, and I need all of the support I can get. With inferior chairs, I would usually be left with a dull pain in back, neck, and legs my after a long day. Because of the pain, I would generally want to go home and rest, truly limiting what I could do with my free time. Fortunately, this masterfully designed chair perfectly conforms to my proportions, cradles my body, reduces strain, and improves my overall experience. Even after putting in a long day at work, I still feel good.

I am able to go out with friends and even hit the gym from time to time.

Product Features

The adjustable chair has a headrest, lumbar support, and is able to be reclined when you need to take a moment to relax.  It it made with soft leather and has incredibly thick and supportive padding materials, allowing me to work for hours on end without any issue. The seat is made with an amazing combination of leather and mesh makes the chair breathable, reducing the amount of sweat on your back.  The ingenious design of this chair allows you to avoid the disgusting swampy feeling that comes with sweat accruing in these regions, which is fantastic.

The chair also has an easy to operate a pneumatic gas lift that allows me to be able to easily adjust the height of the seat, depending on my needs.   The armrests are adjustable and well cushioned, allowing me to remain comfortable throughout the day. Many inferior brands have hard and poorly crafted armrests that tend to come loose over time, which can be rather painful and irritating. The Ficmax has armrests that are amazingly cozy and can be moved to support your arms as you see fit. This reduces the strain on the shoulders and allows for proper blood flow. This is important for preserving my health, as it functions to reduce one’s risk of developing chronic musculoskeletal issues and cardiovascular disease. As a fairly large man with a family history of both, it is important for me to find a means of mitigating such health concerns in my daily life.  Check price on Amazon.

Easy to Assemble 

This Chair is also incredibly easy to assemble. Even if you are not the most handy of individuals, you will likely have no trouble. this chair comes with clear and coherent instructions, and the design is intuitive. The tools necessary for its setup are provided in the package, making it incredibly easy to put the chair together. It was so simple that I was able to put mine together in under an hour.

This chair has a money back guarantee in case you find that the chair is not to your liking, though, given positive my experience with this product, I find that exceedingly unlikely. The Ficmax is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing and utterly awesome. It is composed of a black, beautiful, soft leather and amazing design. Perhaps it is my inner nerd, but its sleek design reminds me of something out of a science fiction anime or movie. This, combined with its out of this world comfort, I am unable to fathom how I ever could have used anything else. Since using this amazing product, I have become far more productive than I have been in a year. I am no longer distracted by the many aches and pains that used to plague me constantly while sitting at my workstation. The supportive design allows for the maintenance of proper posture, and the high-back and headrest ensures that the head and neck are properly supported throughout the day, reducing risk of strain on the neck, back, and shoulder regions. I am also a larger man, 6 feet tall and 257 pounds, and many chairs are simply not designed with my dimensions in mind, but with this chair I have room to spare. Unlike with smaller, less optimal chairs, I do not feel as though I am being squished by the armrests or spilling over the sides of the seat. For my rather specific needs, this chair has been absolutely perfect.


Apart from being a beautifully designed masterpiece, the Ficmax Office Desk Chair comes with a warranty of up to half a year for the parts, and a lifetime warranty on the frame. This is perfect in case you have any issues with the chair, though I have not. It is wonderful that I can be confident that Furmax is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, and that they will work with you to ensure that your chair is taken care of if you happen to run into any problems. The wheels move smoothly and the five-star base is incredibly sturdy, ensuring that I am able to move about my work station safely, quietly, and efficiently. It allows three hundred and sixty degrees of movement about my area. The wheels are designed so that they do not scratch or mark the floors. Because of my stature, other, low quality office chairs that I have used have worn down within a fairly short period of time, sometimes a could of weeks, but I have been using this chair regularly for a significant period of time and I have yet to notice any signs of wear and tear.

I have never had such a durable and comfortable desk chair, and I am glad to have found the Ficmax. With all of these amazing features, I think that the Ficmax is ideal for those who have
jobs that require them to sit for extended periods of time. Its ergonomic design is perfect for the maintenance of one’s health, productivity, and mood. This has been among the best purchases that I have ever made and I would heartily recommend the Ficmax Chair to anyone in the market for a chair for work or gaming.

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