Ergonomic Computer Keyboards – Are They Really That Good?

Ergonomic computer keyboards are among the latest trends in work design. They come with several benefits as well as some disadvantages.  But before you head out to buy one, it is a good idea to conduct some research and learn about some of the benefits of buying a different type of keyboard.  An ergonomic keyboard is intended for comfort, convenience, and lessened strain on the user.  The keyboards may incorporate features like recessed keys that are better dispersed, or keys that are different and feel better for the user.  These features help the user in his or her work by making typing more proficient,  natural, and user friendly.  They are manufactured by different companies and like most things some brands are better than others.

When looking for an ergonomic keyboard, you will find that can be put into one of three categories:

Split Keyboard

This type of keyboard has a pronounced split at the middle.  This helps to divide the keyboard more naturally. The split leads to a formation where the bottom is farther apart than the top section of the keyboard.  This brings your hands to a more natural typing position.  If you notice your hands as you type, you will most often see how they start apart and come together towards each other as you advance up the keyboard.  This keyboard is designed to mimic this natural hand spacing and positioning.   These keyboards offer wrist comfort where you can type very fast. Fluid typing motion is achieved due to the careful design of the keyboard.


Contoured Keyboard

A contoured keyboard includes a wave-like shape with a slight top in the center.  The keyboard is split but instead of being flat the keys are in a finger bowl type of mold.  This is somewhat hard to articulate but the picture above shows one of the top sellers in this category of keyboard – The Kinesis Advantage 2.

Angle Split Keyboard

A tilt angle keyboard includes some level adjustability for the inclination of the keyboard.  This is expected to help keep the wrists straight and the hands more balanced while composing.  Since the angle is most often adjustable, the keyboard can be almost flat to the accentuated angle shown above.

Every one of these keyboards has a different frame factor, however, they all intend to achieve a similar objective: enhanced solace, decreased pressure and increased productivity.  It’s significant that countoured and split keyboards usually aren’t offered on workstations (due to the added space they take); however, tilt angle keyboards can be found on some workstations.

Benefits of the Ergonomic Computer Keyboards

1. Comfort and wrist bolster

The layout utilized in ergonomic keyboards gives more space for your wrist and lower arm to sit amidst the keyboard as you compose. This positions your arms normally as you compose, disposing of strain and increasing comfort.  Also, an ergonomic keyboard guarantees that your fingers are nearer to the keys, which results in the utilization of less exertion and hand stress. As your hands move less as you compose, you may find them more agreeable and more efficient to use.

2. Easy to use

Ergonomic keyboards are intended for individuals who are looking for added comfort or have pains associated with current keyboards. They work just like the traditional computer keyboard. Usually the set-up is plug and play so you’ll be experiencing the difference in a few minutes.  Most of the newest keyboards are bluetooth so you’ll no longer have the dangling cords to deal with.

3. Reduces the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome

An ergonomic keyboard is intended to more normally situate your wrists and lower arms as you utilize the computer.  Most of the keyboards are a bit smaller than average which decreases the strains when going after the mouse and utilizing it.  They also mitigate the danger of your getting carpal tunnel disorder which is because of squeezing a nerve in your wrist. This can cause deadness in your fingers and even your entire hand. A study published on common ergonomic keyboards   found that “All of the alternative configurations of the split keyboard are beneficial in promoting a neutral wrist position, which theoretically would decrease exposure to WMSDs such as tenosynovitis in the wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome.”  If you go to the highlighted page above, you’ll see a summary of the study and links on the right for additional information.

4. Supports a healthy posture

By appropriately setting your wrists on the keyboard, you realize a better shoulder posture, which streams down to of your entire body. It is insufficient to concentrate only on your sitting stance and disregard your hand situation.  Along with an ergonomic chair, the keyboard can really make a positive impact on the way you feel while working.

5. Good for increasing your typing speed

Since you will type with a more characteristic and loosened up position, it is conceivable that your composing pace will make strides. Remember that the more the time you spend utilizing an ergonomic keyboard, the more you adjust to utilizing it and realize where all the keys are put (without looking at the keyboard). Additionally, with a casual wrist and agreeable finger situating, you can work for more time without stress and subsequently enhance your efficiency at work.

Most ergonomic keyboards are structurally designed to last and are less vulnerable to breakage. This can save money by disposing of the requirement for continually supplanting or repairing your keyboard.

7. Quick Response to the touch

Rarely will you run into a normal keyboards with keys that don’t stick or require some power to react to the touch.  The fortunate thing about ergonomic keyboards is that they are generally made to react more rapidly to contact. This implies the keyboard keys only need a little power or rather light contacting to react.

Other Key Factors

Ergonomic computer keyboards can be found in most online office stores, Amazon and a host of other websites.  Some retail stores offer a few models as well.  If you buy one, please keep your receipt as it may require a return if the first selection doesn’t work for you.

The cost of the Ergonomic computer keyboards is relatively affordable with a number of models being under $100.  That’s still a lot for a keyboard but with the health and comfort benefits the investment seems logical.


Ergonomic computer keyboards are well known today since they make the workplace less inclined to wrist and repetitive motion injuries. Get one for yourself and experience a more helpful, damage free working space. The change to the new style of the keyboard can in some cases be a bit of a challenge.  The traditional keyboard is almost ingrained into our minds.  Due to this, it is imperative to pick the best keyboard for you.  Increased speed, productivity as well as strain reduction may be right around the corner.



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