Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair Review

High Back Swivel ChairAn ergonomic office chair is considered a long-term investment by many professionals. If you’re a programmer, you’ll be stuck in your chair all day, every day and you may feel like you spend more time in it than you do out of it. A high-quality office chair should last you at least eight to ten years. But finding an ergonomic chair that’s affordable can be difficult and finding one that’s both affordable and comfortable is almost impossible. Enter the Ergohuman.

The high back swivel chair by Ergohuman may not look like the most comfortable chair with its cold, mechanical look, but it’s actually a chair that has been designed for users who sit at their desk for more than five hours a day, so you know it’s bound to be comfortable. With all of the proposed adjustable elements and parts, is this really the best ergonomic office chair for the workplace?

Ergonomic Chair Rundown

This chair features a metal frame and a polyester mesh that feels sturdy and firm. However, the biggest selling point for this model is the fact that it’s highly customizable. Users can adjust the chair’s lumbar support, back height, overall height, the chair’s tilt level, and the seat’s depth. A chair that’s highly adjustable is important for desk jockeys who must spend at least eight hours seated during the day. The chair also offers a user’s weight capacity of 250 pounds.

The overall style of the chair is also very appealing. The chair itself is available in six colors, including orange, red, gray, green, blue and traditional black. The chair features an aluminum trim and chrome accents and comes equipped with a single paddle control mechanism that will control all of the adjustment functions.

The chair combines a high headrest and backrest with a dominant set of ergonomic features. This high back model offers a black frame with your choice of color for the headrest, back, and seat.

The back angle adjustment is another popular feature that allows the user to choose from three tilt positions that lock the chair back into place. The tension control adjustment also works to control the amount of force to sit up straight or recline. The chair’s pneumatic cylinder works to instantly lower or raise the chair. The headrest, seat cushion, and back of the chair are all designed to fit an array of users, working to accommodate the needs of the individual.

The chair’s pivoting armrests are also adjustable and can work with a variety of seated tasks and postures.

This product also comes with a lifetime warranty on all working parts.

Ergohuman Chair Pros and Cons

Ergohuman High Back Swivel ChairPros: One of the reasons this chair stands out from the competition is the mesh fabric and headrest combination. It’s actually pretty difficult to find an ergonomic chair that offers this combination. The mesh itself is highly breathable and promotes air circulation. Many chairs that are equipped with an adjustable headrest are on the pricey side, so it’s great that the Ergohuman chair is offered at a reasonable price for consumers who are searching for high-quality ergonomic comfort on a budget. Highly adjustable, the user can position the back of the chair where it suits them best, then they can also bring in the headrest. The design of the lower lumbar is on a slight spring, so the lower lumbar will move with the user as they position themselves against the chair. Many consumers who suffer from lower back issues love this feature because it supports each user in a unique way. The chair’s back is also designed with a lower lumbar feature that curves in a manner that will support the lower back. The arms are not only height adjustable, but width adjustable as well. The user is able to adjust the tension of the chair’s recline on the back and can also lock the back of the chair into three different recline positions, which is why gamers also love this chair.

Cons: Some users were disappointed in the fact that the lumbar support is not actually independently adjustable and moves based on how the user adjusts the backrest. Taller consumers also had issues with the headrest. When the backrest is placed at the highest setting and the headrest is placed at its furthest extension it can feel pretty uncomfortable when you lean back.  Another issue taller consumers had involved the seat. While the seat can be moved back and forth, many consumers felt that the seat itself should be deeper. When a taller consumer moves the seat forward for more leg support, their rear end is left sitting on the plastic and metal rear edge. Taller users may have better luck with the Herman Miller Aeron task chair, which is offered at a comparable price. Another consumer was unhappy with the adjustability of the chair, stating that the chair locks into position using holes or notches opposed to friction, leaving a large amount of sloppy movement between each locking point. When the user adjusts the chair to a more comfortable position, it will not remain in place and instead will slide into the closest notch. The notches themselves are spaced very far apart, which means you’ll be hard pressed to find comfort in setting one, two or three. A big improvement would involve the addition of extra notches, which would give consumers more position options.

High Back Swivel Chair Conclusion and Rating

This is a chair that received quite a bit of mixed feedback from consumers. Consumers under six feet in height may benefit from using Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair, but taller users will definitely need to look elsewhere. Not finding the best fit is a major issue most consumers will have when they purchase a chair online. If possible, we recommend trying a number of chairs out at traditional brick and mortar stores, before you order one online at a more affordable price. Consumers who purchased this chair gave it a rating of four out of five stars for color options, adjustability and overall quality.

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