Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Product Review – Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office ChairSitting is one of the postures that can add stress to the structure of the spine in the body. In order to avoid compounding or
developing back problems such as backaches, it is important to use an ergonomic chair.  In line with this, we are going to review the salient features of the Durant ergonomic office chair.  At the time of this review, it was available on Amazon for about $320.

Easy to Assemble

This chair comes along with pretty simple instructions on how to install it. The Chair has eight simple steps only! Then once assembled it enables you to adjust it to suit your individual needs on how best you want to sit while working in the office. The chair`s adjustable knobs will let you lower or raise the sit, sit straight up or tilt back the backrest in order to compliment your back posture. You should be able to easily find the best ergonomic position that will enable you to work for longer hours in the office comfortably.

This chair comes along with everything that you need to put it together. It even comes with mesh gloves if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and a device taped to the outside which aids one to cut the packing tape. How amazing is that! Right? Cool. Indeed, this is a true testimonial of how user-friendly it is while assembling it.


Its sleek design and state of the art look with several adjustable functionalities make it very comfy for office use. This chair can be adjusted at an angle that fits the headrest height, the backrest tilt, armrest height and distance from the seat, the seat height and the lumbar support height. These features make it a comfortable office chair that one can sit on without worries of experiencing backaches. It also has a ripple effect to the company since it reduces the number of sick leaves employees end up taking as a result of sitting on other chairs which are deficient in this feature of comfortability which results in employees ending up with back problems. This, in turn, boosts one’s work comfort.

The swivel feature of adjusting the tension of the chair eases the tension of the body which is caused by the body and the workstation. This eases ease of the body muscles flexing throughout the day while working making them not to be tense and stressed.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office ChairThe Duramont chair offers lumbar support which is highly recommended by chiropractors.  The lumbar spine has an inward curve which is complemented by the design of this chair which has a lumbar adjustment knob both in terms of the height and depth. This creates a perfect fit for any body size of an individual versus traditional office chairs which have nonadjustable backs.

The chair is very stable hence cannot easily topple while you sit on it. This feature is very essential in that it helps one do their job better, seamlessly and easily without any fear of falling on your back when leaning back on the chair while working in the office.  Check prices now!

Back Support

In cases where you have pain or would not want to be entrapped with future back problems, this chair comes handy and provides a remedy for this. This office chair has an adjustable lumbar support feature, which enables one to recline the chair to tilt straight so as to sit straight or backrest back. This essential feature enables one to find the best backrest position that compliments your back thus creating peace of mind while working in an office set up.

The headrest feature of adjusting the chair allows the muscles to relax which eventually increases blood flow around the body reducing fatigue while working in the office. The adjustable armrests reduce strain on one’s shoulders and wrists. By restraining stress of body muscles, this reduces body aches and number of visits to the chiropractor.

                                                                                                High Quality

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office ChairThe Duramont pneumatic chair is made to last longer than the ordinary office chairs. It is made from the highest quality materials including but not limited to headrests, soft cushion seat, sturdy arm, rollerblade caster wheels that enable one to move it smoothly and very easily across the office floor. It also has a 330 LBS weight capacity – far way better than the ordinary office chairs.

The casters are very easy to roll and move quietly in cases where you would want to roll in the office dead silently to avoid disturbing colleagues or better still you glide on it from one office to another silently and effortlessly. The adjustable armrests enable you to move swiftly when switching between different height desks. The arms are indeed super nifty.

The chair has the best seat pan depth. It has a pan depth which is neither too shallow which can make your legs lack enough support or deep depth causing numbness on the legs due to the pressure at the back of the legs. Its standard pan depth takes care of your legs by giving them enough support of optimal fit they need while you are working for extended hours in the office.

Breathable Mesh

The breathable mesh back on this fancy and ergonomic office chair offers support while keeping the back comfy and cool. Air which is cool circulates through the mesh allowing ones back sweat free and enabling you to sit on the chair relaxed and comfortable for very long hours in comparison with the ancient office chairs which is not the case. This feature indeed creates a
peace of mind without worries of chances of your back sweating thus increasing one’s productivity in the office.

This ergonomic office chair has sufficient space for hips and thighs and is amply cushioned. In this way, the veins and nerves in the thighs, buttocks, and hips will not be pinched which can lead to hampered blood circulation and numbness. The cushioning of this office chair also prevents the thighs and the buttocks from becoming sore which can be caused by long working hours in the office.

In light of the amazing and dazzling features of this Duramont ergonomic chair which takes care of the health of the end users, it should be embraced and used in the office to prevent unnecessary back pains which are caused by the traditional office chairs. This chair is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of all office workers. It is ideal for companies and state corporations to reduce the number of employees seeking sick offs caused by back pains.  Lastly, if you are looking for something more upscale, this site offers some great deals on brands like Steel, Ergohuman, Herman Miller and others.  With that said, I’m sitting on a Duramont as I type this and I really like it!

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