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Office Chair Safety Tips for Better Back Support 

Every desk jockey has their favorite kind of office chair. It’s a chair that’s comfortable, provides enough back support and is safe to sit in all day, without causing back pain or other issues. But not everyone has the right type of chair or they don’t know how to make their chair safer and more […]

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Is an LCD or LED Monitor Better for Your Eyes? 

If you’re searching for a new computer monitor your choice will be between the two leading technologies: LCD or LED.  Both options are considered a serious upgrade from the bulky CRT monitors of the past. If you’re trying to decide between LED and LCD monitors, it can be a tough decision if you’re someone who […]

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Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Support

People who work in an office often spend plenty of time sitting in your office chair- a position which can add a great deal of pressure and stress to the different structures in the spine. Because of this, you’ll need to find the best ergonomic office chair in order to prevent developing back problems or […]

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