Amazon Office Chairs – A Worthwhile Alternative

In looking for the perfect chair, we believe that you should consider Amazon office chairs.  Since its establishment in 1994, Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer of goods judging from the amount of revenue they generate and their market dominance. It is the go-to place for buying goods of literally any kind ranging from minute sized needles to large home appliances like TVs and refrigerators.    At its core, Amazon offers its customers their most needed products at the click of a button and with services like Amazon Prime, one can get those products delivered within a day or two with free shipping.  This makes their service revolutionary.

Though there are many other online merchants, Amazon is by far the most all-encompassing online store there is. Because of this, it doesn’t seem like it is going to lose its 310 million customers any time soon. That’s why we thought that we should create a post just about Amazon Office Chairs.  At first thought, you might say “Amazon doesn’t make office chairs, do they?”.  In fact, they do make chairs and a lot more items under their name.

This post won’t be specifically  about their chairs but instead why you might want to make Amazon the retailer you turn to.  Like any decision, there are always advantages and disadvantages in making a choice. But the more you know about the subject, the better the decision.  We hope we can provide a few things that you might not have considered.  Also feel free to comment below if you have any experience with getting similar items from Amazon.

Why Amazon?

1. Safety and Reliability

Throughout my 10 plus years of Amazon usage, I have had only one time when I didn’t receive exactly what I ordered.  Even then, the return was easy and I received the exact item in no time at all.    Their product descriptions are quite accurate and I am never left dissatisfied when the product arrives at my home.  Your experience may be different but Amazon’s 310 million loyal customers does say that they are doing something awfully well.  Unlike other online marketplaces, Amazon offers its customers a great amount of safety. You no longer have to worry about misleading product descriptions.  Further, Amazon has eliminated the middle-man therefore there is a far lesser possibility of you being fooled into buying something which is not top-quality.

None of their products would leave you regretting over why you bought them. They ensure top quality customer service with the ability to easily return the packages with which you are unhappy. Their product review system also helps to ensure safety. We’ve all read about some sellers gaming the system but that really is a very small minority.  Gaming the system used to work for some sellers but Amazon has clamped down on them over the last few years and removed tons of suspect reviews.  I have found most reviews to be very accurate when receiving products I have ordered. I also rest easy knowing that if anything does go wrong, Amazon will fix it.  They are just that good at what they do.

2. Availability

Whether you’re wanting to watch a movie, read a book, or have planned a camping trip but have no camping trip essentials like a camp, Amazon has become the one-stop shop for all your needs. Amazon boasts the availability of almost any book one can think of and even has a portion of their website especially devoted to the sale of books. The same goes for movies. Almost any movie one can imagine is available at Amazon for a small rental or buying price. In fact, the arrow which goes from A to Z in the Amazon logo represents the idea that from A to Z, all things are available. And in chairs, it is no different.  Although I can’t back this claim up with data, I’m confident that you aren’t going to find a greater variety of chairs at any other location or website.

3. Deals and Discounts

Each day Amazon comes up with a plethora of deals. Further, with Amazon Prime, some products come with a special discount devoted to Prime customers. It holds special, mouth-watering deals on Black Friday as well as Christmas and many other national holidays as well. Prime day is a special day reserved for Prime customers during which a lot of interesting products are put on sale.

They have this special feature called Lightening Deals’ which lasts for about 2-4 hours and contains somewhere between 200 to 2,000 products on dirt cheap prices. Additionally, for students, they have discounted the Prime membership fee to half of the usual. Amazon Mom is a special deal just for new mothers looking to buy products for their toddlers.  These mothers are offered 3 free months of Prime and additional discounts of child-related products.

4. Cost Effective Shipping

Usually with Amazon Prime, customers are promised delivery within 2 days. This feature is available to regular customers for a small fee. This fee is somewhere between $2-5. Other than that, free shipping is available to all customers but that usually takes somewhere between 3-5 days. Still not bad comparing with other online merchants who sometimes take a week to ship their products.

Recently, Amazon has come up with a special feature known as One-day pickup. While not delivering to your doorstep, the one-day pickup feature has designated places where your Amazon product will be delivered and you can go and pick it up the very next day of ordering it. Who can offer a better service than that?

Types of Amazon Office Chairs

Amazon office chairs come in over 30,000 different variations from various sellers. This makes it more and more probable that you are going to find an office chair which is fit for your needs. To give you an idea of the kind of chairs available, here is a broad categorization according to their unique styles:

1.  Executive Leather

You can never go wrong with the classy leather office chair. It gives off an aura of a highly important individual with class and status. Additionally, this variation of office chairs comes with the added benefit of being cleaned easily so maintenance is not strenuous. They can simply be wiped off clean by a cloth.

Other than that, leather chairs just look and feel good. Amazon offers over 6,000 different sellers selling leather office chairs which come in various shapes, colors, sizes and designs.

2. Mesh Back Chairs 

Mesh chairs come with the advantage of having air ventilation through your chair. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about a sweat patch appearing on the back of your shirt if you’ve been seated in one of these chairs for too long.

Just like their leather siblings, mesh chairs are not very hard to maintain either. Without compromising on style, they offer a more efficient version of office chairs. There are over 4,000 variations of mesh style office chairs available from Amazon.

3. The Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed for those who suffer from back pain. Since it is made in parts rather than in one single piece, this allows for flexibility where the parts will adjust to the positioning of one’s back. This gives them the added benefit of adjusting to the alignment of anyone’s back.

Further, if you’re having to sit long hours in your office, then this chair will support your overworked back. Amazon has over 3,000 different styles of egronomic chairs and you can easily find one which is best supportive of your back and spinal cord.

4. Conference Room Chairs

Since it is important to give your clients the best experience when they come to your office to make a deal, it is nice to give them a good ambience or seating arrangement. Thus, good quality conference chairs are essential and their goodness cannot be compromised.

In addition to their visual appeal, it is also important that they be comfortable to sit on. All of these features can be found in conference chairs available on Amazon. Amazon has a wide range of over a 1,000 different conference chairs so you can choose one which will go best with the current ambience of your office.

This list of 4 different types of office chairs is a generic one. However, the variations available on Amazon are so many that it is hard to categorize them into a fixed subset of chairs. Other variations include chairs which come with or without an arm rest or back support. Some chairs are uniquely designed to give comfort to your knees styled in a way in which you can rest your knees on a given platform.

Others come with the option of having memory foam. Amazon also has its own brand by the name of Amazon Basics which makes its own office chairs. Therefore, if you’re worried about buying from a third-party seller, then buying from Amazon Basics will promise you reliability.  On the other hand, third-party sellers are under a lot of scrutiny from Amazon.  As a result, you won’t find many (if any) sellers that are sub-par. Amazon’s liberal return policy is always an option if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon versus Retail Stores

1. Trust

One important factor where retail stores offer benefits in the face of buying from Amazon is the amount of trust which is established between buyer and seller. Obviously, buying from Amazon is a kind of leap of faith where you don’t know how the product looks in real life but still buy it based on respectability and previous experience. Now, there is no guarantee that you are going to get the exact office chair that you want. There will be small variations between what you expected vs what was delivered to you. You might be surprised at finding out that the size you had in your mind while buying was not the size that was delivered. But if you are careful, you can minimize this risk by reading reviews from other purchasers.  Another tip is to look for items that have more than just a few reviews.  You might miss out on a new deal that was just posted but the comfort of knowing others liked the product is a big benefit.

On the other hand, buying from retail stores eliminates the requirements of taking a leap of faith with Amazon. You can see the chair with your own eyes and test it before you buy it. So, in a way, you’re not totally blind to the product you’re buying. You have a reliable way of judging whether your product is suitable to your needs or it isn’t.

2. Comfort

Buying from Amazon comes with a crucial benefit of being able to buy your desired office chair from the comfort of your own home.  The reason a person decides to buy products online is the ease with which the process can be done. There are no traveling expenses like gas expenditure while buying from Amazon which makes the price that Amazon offers even more lucrative. And if you have a normal size vehicle, you escape the whole question of “how do I get it in the car?”.  The chair magically gets delivered to your home or office in a day or two.

3. Prices

Retail stores have to pay rent, wages and other important expenses which are reflected in the prices that they offer.  On the other hand, since Amazon is an online space, it doesn’t have to go through those expenses. Thus, the prices found on Amazon are going to be slightly cheaper than those at retail stores.

4. Options

Since the amount of storage area available to Amazon is huge compared to that of retail stores, Amazon can offer its customers a wide range of different variations of office chairs that would need more than one retail store to fill up.

The number of different brands that Amazon offers is exponentially larger than the brands a retail store might offer. The maximum a retail store can house is three or four different brands whereas Amazon can offer thousands.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon versus Other Online Merchants

1. Market Dominance

Compared with Amazon’s 30,000 different variations of office chairs, other online merchants like eBay a considerably lesser amount of options. EBay has close to 9,000 options. The only contender to Amazon’s dominance is Walmart which offers almost the same number of different office chairs at over 30,000 products.

2. Prices

Prices for office chairs across the different mediums are relatively close to each other. For instance, Amazon’s price for a regular mesh chair of their own Amazon Basics brand costs is slightly higher than Walmart’s price for the same chair where Amazon charges $50 and Walmart, $45. All websites have special promotions but Amazon offers special benefits to Prime members who get to enjoy discounted rates and quicker shipping.

3. Quality

You are likely to find that quality of office chairs across the different ecommerce websites is relatively the same, with different companies offering the same product but under different names. The reviews for different products varied but there were mostly positive reviews at both, Amazon and Walmart.

4. Shipping

With eBay taking the longest to ship its products, it comes below Amazon and Walmart in terms of shipping speed with both the latter merchants offering two-day shipping. However, since Amazon has the added feature of Prime, it offers its members the two-day deal free while Walmart charges a small fee for it.

5. Specialization

Since Amazon is a retailer of all kinds of goods, it doesn’t specialize specifically in the selling of office chairs. For this reason, some people may prefer buying from a merchant who sells office chairs only. The degree of specialization comes with the benefit of the merchant solely focusing on the production of one specific product rather than a large number of them. Therefore, the quality one may find at a specialized online store designed for office chairs only would be better than the quality found at other stores which sell a wide range of products.

With the emergence of competitor ecommerce giants like Walmart, it is likely that all of them would improve on the quality of their products and their prices. The one offering the best prices without compromising on quality will take the cake. Such a world where competition is tough entails that nothing can be taken for granted. It is a very slippery slope where one wrongful product could cause a chain of customers being lost.

Despite being scary for some, most of the above points to a high probability that the products that we will receive will be a good fit for our needs. If, for instance, I buy a product from Walmart and find that it is lacking in certain qualities that I needed, I would naturally prefer to buy the same product from Amazon the next time around. Further, I would tell all my friends and family about it, too. Thus, this takes the power out of the hands of market giants and puts it in the hands of its customers. Who wouldn’t like the idea.  And for many reasons, I keep coming back to Amazon.  That’s because they really do offer a great assortment of products at great prices.  You really should check out Amazon office chairs.

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