Alera Elusion Chair

The black Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction chair is a seat which, based on customer reviews at Amazon, is gaining popularity by a considerable degree. Placed in a competitive Office Products category, the Alera chair already has 455 customer reviews, 156 answered questions, and has won an Amazon’s Choice label. Why all this success? Let’s take a closer look at this chair and what customers are saying about it.

First, we will look at some of the features of this chair and then we will  see what customers have to say. When buying anything, the more information you have the better. This article will help you with exactly that. We will try and give a balanced review, pointing out both the advantages and disadvantages.  We read through over 300 customer reviews, analyzed and categorized them to reach a fair assessment.  We found a lot of common threads that helped us get a good view as to what really stood out to most purchasers.


The Alera chair has the following comfort features that are bound to please:

A.  A seat glide multifunction mechanism that allows for 3 types of alignment.

· back angle adjustment

· adjustable tilt (which can be free floating)

· forward tilt.

B.  A mesh design back for breathability.

C.  A contoured seat cushion that has premium fabric upholstery- which also has waterfall edge to it to assist in relieving pressure on legs.

D.  Width and height adjustable arms- made of soft polyurethane pads.

E.  A five-star base designed with casters- meant to enhance ease of mobility.

Other Details

The chair is highly recommended for executive and management offices.  This particular model is black.  The black color is used for all parts including  the seat and back, giving it a rather classy look.  It will fit the decor of almost any office and brings an upscale look.  Mesh chairs are often viewed as being a bit more modern than the traditional solid, leather back chair.

The Alera chair weighs about 57 pounds so it can be easily moved from desk to table.   Its dimensions are 25.2″ x 28.4″ x 16.5″, making it possible to fit multiple chairs in a typical workspace.

The arms are both height and width adjustable.   It is sturdy and can easily support a person who weighs up to 255 pounds.  Reviewing the parts and chair itself, there was nothing that looked like it would break or easily wear out.  This chair should last for a good amount of time.  The chair made our top 10 list for 2018.

What Customers Are Saying

I’d like us to sample one of the most comprehensive reviews given about the Alera chair from an Amazon verified buyer. This review has also been voted as helpful by at least 405 people as at the time of this product review.

This customer bought the seat in 2013. They gave updates until 2015, having used the chair for their personal office use. After 2 years they said that the chair still held up wonderfully, was still comfortable, and showed no real signs of getting worn.

Among what delighted her most include:

·Easy DIY assembly once received, which even a newbie can have no trouble working on. This particular customer was a newbie lady buyer of 64 years at that time and she did it in 30-40 minutes.

·The chair came in a well protected box (nice, thick and heavy).  All parts were included.

·Well fitting: even for a fairly big person of say 5’9’’ and 200 lbs., the seat sliders are well designed to help them fit comfortably well within the seat without a problem. The back support also was placed at a good position.

·Worth the money: this particular customer found that the seat gave her real value for her money.

Other purchasers had the following to report:

-Great chair, the company’s service was even better.

-Quality is good so far, cushion just right and back mesh gives just right amount of support.

-Comfortable, stylish, adjustable, attractive with nice aesthetics.

-Good value for the money compared to other seats of a similar price range.

Some customers noted some less than optimal characteristics:

-Noisy and with awful smell.

-Tilt lock fails to stay in place. Kept on shrinking downwards when sat on.

-Haphazard packaging. Damages found in parts delivered. (This contradicts an earlier view perhaps they changed the packaging.)

-Did not specifically have lumbar support.

Questions and Answers

Below are 5 of the most frequently asked questions:

1.How high could the seat be raised?

-22”. That is, from floor to top of seat cushion.

2.Does the high back also offer head support?

– Unfortunately not but a small pillow could be used in a home office.

3.How much weight can it hold if one is heavy set?

-The Alera ESMHBM chair is rated to carry up to 250 lbs. of weight for full days’ work.

3.Does the chemical smell go away with time?

-Yes. The smell goes away with time

4.Between the back and the seat when reclined, what’s the maximum angle?

-It starts at 90 degrees and can recline to about 140 degrees.

5.What is this chair’s standard warranty period?

-Limited 5 year warranty. This is for material defects and workmanship. Concerning fabric wear, there’s a 2 year limited warranty for the original purchaser.

In conclusion

Going for a price of $187.13 (currently), the Alera chair has many features that come with it. For instance, it has a multifunction mechanism for its adjustments including forward tilt, free floating tilt and back angle adjustment. For the back, it features a breathable mesh and has a comfortable seat.

It has adjustable arm rests, sturdy base and can hold a weight of up to about 250 lbs. for normal work hours every day. For this particular review, we sampled customer reviews, questions and answers for you. We hope this will help you in making your final decision. Check the current price and more reviews on Amazon.

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